Who are we?

AQ clothing is a clothing organisation with a vision to making an indelible mark in the global fashion industry. Choose what you want and lets make you fabulous!
We are a creative platform for personalised clothing ( tshirts, hoodies, jackets,etc) and accessories. AQ clothing allows you to print your own text, design or photo with our advanced t-shirt printing technology. Once you establish a look and everybody recognises that as your look, you never have to worry about fashion again.

We have brought a breath of freshness to the printing business, and have printed and sold millions of custom t-shirts on demand. Join the aqclothing community, upload your own t-shirt designs on our facebook page and earn commission selling them.

Here at aq clothing, we work extremely hard to come up with the best concepts on our designs; we want them to be dynamic, colorful, and aesthetically pleasing to everyone. All of our shirts are designed and printed in Ghana. Our shirts use a mixture of Cotton & Polyester, for the most comfortable and durable fabric.

Think differently, THINK CLOTHING, THINK AQ.